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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Congrats on starting your weight loss journey!

Way to go!  

Have you considered a weight loss program in the past? It's important to have a meaningful conversation with your healthcare provider at the CWC. The following questions will aid you and our Wellness team to develop an individualized plan just for you.
  • How much weight do you want to lose? 
  • Why do you want to lose the weight?
  • How long do you feel that your weight has been a problem?
  • What strategies have you tried in the past?
  • What do you believe would prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals?
  • Thinking about your eating habits, would you say they are more structured or haphazard? Explain.
  •  What eating habits or behaviors contribute to your weight problem? 
The CWC Wellness Team will create an individual plan to meet your specific goals. Our program provides a holistic approach to weight loss.  We will incorporate multiple approaches at your weight loss, which may include:​
  • Health Coaching – Our staff is committed to help you throughout your wellness and weight loss journey.  Our Wellness Coordinator who is a Certified Life and Health Coach is available to provide support and resources to help you meet your goal and to achieve sustainable results.   

  • Appetite Suppressants – Prescription appetite suppressants may be prescribed by our providers to aid in weight loss.  A thorough evaluation is performed to determine if this is an appropriate modality.  

  • Lipotropic Injections – an injection of this compounded solution will boost your weight loss efforts. In combination with dietary modifications and exercise, these weekly injections may help increase your metabolism to enhance fat burning.  They assist with reducing the amount of fat your body is storing, as well as, increase your energy levels

Call the office today at 816-874-3379 to discuss whether a medically supervised weight loss program is right for you and to schedule your FREE consultation!


The hardest part about any weight loss plan isn’t the “want to,” it’s the “will do.”

Of course it makes sense and you know it will make you healthier, but the desire has to be coupled with a feeling of potential success.


The program through the Wellness Center bred positive thoughts, outlooks and reinforcement from day one. Talking to the professionals and hearing my goals were not only realistic, but also extremely common made me feel confident in the program and what I could achieve.


The fact the program encourages you to share the information with your general practitioner also was a great relief – after talking to my doctor, he was very impressed with the path forward.

He’s been even more impressed by the results.


Now, after the initial three-month period, my weight loss has slowed, but I feel very confident the Wellness Team has the tools in place to adjust my plan and once again start the way for my next goal of another 35 pounds lost.


If you are thinking about the program, schedule a consultation and just get the information. You never know what is possible until you ask and never know what you can achieve until you try.


Troy C.


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